2 October 2015

A slice of the Big Apple will be on display at Timber Expo next week when Metsä Wood will be displaying timber replica of the Empire State Building.

29 September 2015

A new collaboration agreement between the UK’s two largest trade bodies for manufactured timber products is to be launched at Timber Expo next week.

28 September 2015

A manufacturer of timber windows and doors has secured SBD certification to meet the security requirements of Document Q Building Regulations.

23 September 2015

A Government minister in Finland has called for a Europe-wide focus on timber construction as part of a concerted policy to tackle climate change.

22 September 2015

Robert Aldred has been appointed Donaldson Timber Engineering’s (DTE) business development manager for the Midlands region.

21 September 2015

An overhaul of waste management processes achieved staggering results for a branch of Howarth Timber, with 96% recycled, and now the rest of the company is set on following its lead.

18 September 2015

TRADA’s new National Structural Timber Specification (NSTS) is a “milestone” for the timber industry said Peter Hansford, the Government’s chief construction adviser, at the document’s launch.

18 September 2015

A Swedish housebuilder is bringing its expertise in energy efficient homes to the North of England after entering into a joint venture with a Durham-based construction company.

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