The Best Office Design Trends

A lot of people nowadays choose to work at home, but finding the right place to situate your office is not easy. Not everybody has an empty room or extra space and then the creativity comes in handy. There are many options to accommodate your working area in small space – in a corner in the bedroom or “in a box”, in a tall counter or in a niche somewhere around the house.

Over 4million people are now working from home in the UK. Read this article.

Choose by your own needs:

  1. Personality. You and your style of work are the main factors when you choose where to situate your home office. Do you need complete silence to concentrate or prefer to look at your family and feel their presence around you? In the first case you need a space to isolate yourself in, in the second any corner of the living room or the kitchen is suitable.
  2. Work. What is the industry of your work? Do you need to work in certain hours (for example, for a client in another time zone)? Is it connected with a lot of phone or Skype calls? Do you have a lot of visitors (customers, suppliers, etc.)? Also according to your work and the location of the office, it depends if it will be included in your regular home cleaning or you will take care of it less frequently.
  3. Accessibility. As it was said, some professions require a lot of meetings; also some of them need to be private. In these cases orientate your search for a suitable place to the attic, basement or even the garage. In all other occasions, a door or a sliding panel to separate you from the rest of the room would be enough.
  4. The area that you will choose for the home office should be able to accommodate all your appliances and paperwork. Electronic equipment (computers, laptops, scanners, printers and else) means a lot of cables and wires which are not quite a good idea if you need to step over them every time you walk around the room, take it into consideration. Professional office cleaners would advise you to use locking cabinet for your things if you have small children, this will prevent catastrophes both in cleaning and working sense.
  5. Illumination. If you don’t have experience with lighting, natural lighting is the best that you can get, make the office according to that. No matter how many hours a day you will spend working, light from a window is the most desirable.
  6. Also, think of the lightning of the place at night. If you are an “owl” and need or prefer to work late at night, you may have either separate light exactly for the office separated from the rest of the room or you can use a desk lamp to point exactly in the direction you need.

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