Design Process

Step 1.

The design is agreed in principal and the plans are drawn up.

Plan 1

Step 2.

Next, the design is converted into a 3D colour ‘CAD’ design, allowing the client to truly visualize what their new kitchen will look like.


Step 3.

Preparation is vital to achieve a “brochure look” and a well thought out plan is crucial. With the main building work finished, and the electrics, water and gas installed this picture shows a bare shell of a soon to be new kitchen.

Image 1

Step 4.

Next, the floor is prepared and the under-floor heating is installed and tested ready for screeding. Once the floor is dried, the walls and ceiling can be plastered ready for the lighting to be thoughtfully installed, this is an essential step to create the right ambience when the installation is finished.

Image 2

Step 5.

Once the plaster has dried and the walls are painted the kitchen cabinets and fittings arrive on site. Ordered items get checked and referred back to the plan. A forecast of progress is agreed for the various stages to keep the project on track.

Image 3

Step 6.

Next, the kitchens cabinets, accessories and worktops are fitted. Worktops get drawn. The units remain protected throughout this phase to ensure that there’s no damage to the cabinetry.

Image 4

Step 7.

The cabinets and worktops have been successfully fitted and the appliances can now be installed. The project starts to take shape, Attention from the designer and a skilful team of installers starts to create “The Look”.

Image 5

Step 8.

The Kitchen is cleaned, styled and quality checked by the designers to ensure all detailing is correct. As you can see by the following pictures the end results are outstanding and achievable with any budget or style

Image 6

Step 9.

Some shots of the finished kitchen.