Appliances: The Way Forward

Technology for appliances in the kitchen is developing at ever-increasing rates making using the kitchen for everyday tasks even easier. There is a vast range of items that you should consider for both function and energy saving. This month I touch on three appliances that are worth considering, that will defiantly make an impact to your kitchen and life.

First up is the induction hob, a real worthy investment. This technology uses electricity to make a magnetic force to heat the pan. It can be confused for being the same as a ceramic or halogen hob, but this could not be further from the truth. An induction hob responds like a gas hob adding or reducing heat almost instantly. It is the most economical of all the hob types as it uses less energy to heat pans and being the safest. This is because it will only make the heat when in contact with the pan and disperses the heat in minutes making it safe to touch. This is a perfect feature if you are designing a kitchen with a central Island or a return with seating. You will not have to worry about family or friends burning themselves if they are sitting close by after use. It is worth seeing an induction in action to appreciate the genius of them is worth checking out. Best in the market are Siemens for the range of sizes, function, and Caple for price points. Some of these cleaver hobs are intelligent enough to learn your cooking ways and cook for you in the same way on the programme function leaving you to do other tasks.

Surprisingly the Steam Oven has proved to be a very good addition to the range of kitchen appliances. I thought to myself that this would be another one of those gimmicky product which would just be a fad thing, but after using one for a while have realised that this is a real key player with the health benefits and assistance it offers. Think food sauna and you are in the right place, not only can you cook perfectly a range of different vegetables all at the same time or in stages steaming fish and defrosting various food products is well within the standard functions. Vegetables from a steam oven really do come out as if they have had a makeover with the brightest of colours.

Compact Multi Ovens are exactly what the description implies. They are reduced sized full functioning ovens. A good solution for oven options would be pairing this with a single oven. This combination offers more cooking space and function than a double oven. It will fit into a standard tall unit with a cavity of 1080 mm, so not taking up any more room in your kitchen layout. The extra bonus of these mini ovens are that some are available combined with a microwave function. Having all your cooking function in one area and losing the microwave from the worktop leaves valuable work surface a winner in challenging spaces. Additionally there great for cooking smaller meals in for one or two people saving you from having to put on the larger oven and wasting money and energy.

Depending on the area, that you have to work with when thinking about designing a new kitchen, I defiantly would go for the Induction hob for the many advantages with the combined Compact Oven/Single Oven combination. This is an excellent set up for cooking made easy. If you can add in to your layout the steamer oven then this is a bonus worthy of the investment. You will literally be able to prepare all the ingredients put them onto or into the appropriate appliances and let them do all the work for you. Once you are used to the functions and the timers set to perfection any cooking would be a breeze from this point onwards.

If you would like further advice or help with your plans, you are more than welcome to visit us in our local showroom.